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About Us

BSDS Company

Best southern drilling supplies (PVT) Ltd (BSDS) opened in 2013 to supply the Zimbabwean drilling sector with quality drilling equipment. Together with Yours Finesse in Botswana, affiliated company, we are the official agent for some of the big brands in the industry, namely, Mincon, AMC and Boart Longyear. Our business strategy focuses on cost reduction management and after sales services which has turned out mutually beneficial and is taken in high regard by our customers over the past 5 years.

Mission statement

To exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, performance and delivery, through continuous improvement in supply methods and customer interaction through after sales service.

Our Vision

BSDS vision is to establish itself as the pre-emptive Zimbabwean drilling supplies company.

Our Values

Ethics and Good Citizenship

We take pride in upholding the highest standards of behaviour. Not only do we comply with legal obligations, but we operate ethically and responsibly in all aspects of the Zimbabwean communities in which we do business.

Exceptional Results

We are focused on delivering exceptional results to our customers continuously. For BSDS, this necessitates more than consistently delivering on our promises. We strive to achieve exceptional results through flawless execution, an unwavering commitment to our customers and the dedication to finding new and innovative ways to beat the competition. We are also dedicated to Our Clients’ Success, and dedicated to providing the products, services and support our clients need to succeed. This is manifested through our focus on the voice of the customer, building strong client relationships, and our non-negotiable approach to quality.

Solutions Oriented

We utilize a combination of analysis, logic, knowledge and experience to solve problems, no problem is ever solved with a ‘shot in the dark’ or on a gamble. BSDS employees are solution oriented. They are able to appropriately weigh various and conflicting information or opinions to arrive at a viable solution to a problem.

Mutual Trust and Respect

Our customer relationships and good will is a very important asset. We know that the best ideas develop as a result of collaborative efforts between BSDS and our customer’s opinions and perspectives. We value customer input and demonstrate mutual trust and respect.

what we can do

Our Services

We are GET (ground engaging tool) specialists: On selling to anyone we offer a high standard of after sale service as any time or day of the week someone from BSDS will be available to advise or assist any drilling company which is in need of assistance. We come out to drilling sites on request to give drillers advice on drilling techniques and equipment maintenance to get the most out of every piece of equipment. We offer bit sharpening and hammer services as well.


Our products


all DTH tooling and equipment is offered in all different sizes, with a well-known name as being of top quality and competitively priced. In this range we offer Bits, Hammers, Rods, Adaptors, Back Hammers, Fishing Tools, Grinding Cups, Valves and all spare parts for the items.

percussive tooling is available from bits, rods, shanks all the way to handheld tools for underground application.

We offer all tools, equipment and accessories for coring at a high quality and competitive pricing.

casing is available in most conventional sizes from plastic to steel.

Drilling oils, foams and greases are available with very competitive prices and quality.

from 10L – 240L Oil and Chemical Spill kits

Business goals & objectives and strategy

Happy customers

A happy customer is a retained customer and customer retention is a key objective, BSDS does not take customer satisfaction lightly, when our customers are happy, that typically means our business is operating effectively across all departments. Happy customers also help defend the business from competitive threats and customer fatigue. Currently this is carried out in three main ways:

  • Increase onsite customer visits Reduce customer hold time
  • Understand customer pain points and expectations.
  • Tips from professionals

Increase market share

Increasing market share will not only benefit the company but pre-existing customers as well. By allowing us to gain greater economies of scale and reduce the cost of supplying. While expanding a key objective is maintaining the core values of the company that can be often be lost when a company expands, such as in terms of customer care and overall quality of service. Our capability of managing the success of growth can be seen in the sister company PG drilling Botswana.

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